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Cobra Lacrosse is a non-profit youth lacrosse club in Arizona offering introductory, recreational and competitive travel level field and box lacrosse

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**As of January 2022 Chest Protectors must meet NOCSAE Standard N200 - Meaning they must have been manufactured in the last year or so. Therefore almost all playeres will need NEW Chest Protectors for this season**

See here for more detail on the requirement


Protective Field Lacrosse equipment includes a helmet, arm pads, shoulder pads and gloves. If your playing Box Lacrosse add bicep and rib pads.

While we have a limited supply of loaner equipment it is only for short term, first time players only. If you are joining a lacrosse program you need your own equipment.

The following are local and online options to purchase lacrosse equipment;

Size Charts

Play it Again Sports - New and used equipment

C & S Sporting Goods - New and used equipment

Big 5 or Dicks Sporting Goods - CALL first. Some locations carry lacrosse equipment, many do not

Sport Stop - Highly recomended online retailer - No tax, easy return policy

Starter Kits

Protective Gear & Accessories