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Cobra Lacrosse is a non-profit youth lacrosse club in Arizona offering introductory, recreational and competitive travel level field and box lacrosse

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Need a stick? You have options but we dont suggest you buy one off the rack from a local sporting good store. Instead see below for our recomendations;

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Complete Sticks:

String King - Complete stick delivered to your door for 30% off retail becaue you play for Cobra Lacrosse. You need to be a member to get the 30%, so just email be if you're not already and

Under 9 years old -




This is the best deal on shafts period.  Good quality Titanium on the cheap. Solid customer service.  Quick shipping
$19.95 Titanium
$29.95 Slightly better Titanium
$69.95 Titanium D-pole
$34.95 for 2 unstrung heads.  Best deal on the market for an entry to mid level head (and you get 2!!) (no warranty)
I have purchased and played with at least 10+ of these heads (as well as our entire 8u team) and have not once had an issue.  I honestly cannot speak higher about the quality of this head even outside of it being cheap. 
Customer service is great, quick shipping.
$89.95 (has a warranty)
This is just a great offensive head.  Probably for a mid to advanced level player. 
$89.99 (has a warranty)
Another solid offensive head option
$89.99 (has a warranty)
This is a great high quality beginner head.  Wider mouth to make for easier catching. 
Savage X Black Lion $9.99
I have strung a few sticks with this and it seems to hold up well.  On the med soft side.  It's convenient if a parent wants to order mesh and a shaft from the same place. I think the mesh have more of a 'nylon' feel to them compared to other meshes. 
Ninja Lax $11.90
This mesh is great.  Probably 75% of the kids on the team have sticks strung with this. The below link offers semi soft and semi hard.  Either is great for any level however my thoughts below:
Semi Soft: More forgiving with catching and ball carrying.  Less consistent and accurate for shooting/passing.  It will eventually wear out but it takes a decent amount of time (it will last a season). 
Semi Hard: Less forgiving with catching and ball carrying.  Offers more options for pocket location.  More consistent and accurate for shooting/passing.  It does last a little longer, but not that much longer.  Eventually this turns into semi soft mesh. 
Jimalax Prime $14.99
Same quality as Ninja Lax.  Local company, great customer service. 
Jimalax Traditional Soft $4.99
I'd caution going this route, but it is an option for an entry player who wants to save money.  It will be very soft so catching/ball carrying will be fantastic.  Passing/Shooting will suffer over time. 
Money Mesh $12.50
Good quality product and comes in a number of cool colors. 
Other required Strings:
I generally keep a spool of white and black side/top strings handy for stringing and am happy to use this on anyone's sticks (that's why I have it).  I also have a mixed bag of colored shooting laces (including white) that I can use. 
If a player wants to get colorful.  Here is the place to get all the extra strings.  They generally run between $0.50 - $1.50 per sting.  A standard stick requires the following: (2 sidewall strings, 2 top stings, 2 shooting laces)
Shooting Lace (different links for different color options):