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The Methany Manifesto

"I believe that the biggest role of the parent is to be a silent source of encouragement. I think if you ask most boys what they would want their parents to do during the game; they would say “NOTHING”.

Please take a few moments to read the Methany Manifesto, by current head coach of the St. Louis Cardinals, Mike Methany. Radical for some but know that if you join Cobra Lacrosse this is what you are signing up for.  

Yes it was written with baseball in mind, but it is about youth sports. 

The Origin

Mike was asked to coach a youth baseball team and wrote a series of conditions he demanded before agreeing to be with the team. The document was quickly shared virally across the country, at the youth level, high school, college and beyond….and became known as the “Matheny Manifesto.”

The Philosophy

It is about respect, ownership, self motivation and no-nonsense sportsmanship, that all go into the definition of CHARACTER displayed on a playing field. Mike wants to share it to help players, parents and coaches know how best to work together.

The Methany Manifesto